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20120110-IMG_9067At T.A. Scott Construction, we understand the importance of selecting the right builder for your new home – a home builder who will listen to you and share your vision.

When it comes to designing and building your home, nothing is more important than communication.

Every step of the way, our clients have direct access to the builder. Since we are a family-owned business, we don’t keep “set hours” or require advance appointments. We’re simply there when you need us, providing an answer to every question and a solution to every problem, every step of the way.

Our Building Process

Building a new home takes a lot of work – but it shouldn’t cause a lot of stress. At T.A. Scott, we keep our clients “in the loop” every step of the way. Follow through these steps to learn about our unique building process:

East_Shore-211.) Lot Selection:

The perfect home starts with the perfect location. Whether you have your own lot in mind, or are interested in purchasing a lot from us, we’re here to assist you in finding the perfect lot for your new home. We will help you look at potential lots with a builder’s eye.

2.) Developing a Plan:

We work closely with an award-winning local architect to develop a home that will transform your ideas and needs into a floor plan that will be custom-tailored to your lifestyle. We also have a set of exclusive floor plans available in ranch and two-stories. Already have a floor plan you love? We can work with most plans you provide.

3.) Formulating an Estimate:

East_Shore-3Once your plan has been created, we will provide you with a sketch of your home. We will then provide you with a general time frame, as well as a preliminary cost estimate.

4.) Enter into Construction Contract:

Once final plans have been made and final price agreed on, we will enter into an agreement and begin building your home. We understand that changes often occur during the building process and our contracts allow for flexibility.

5.) Foundation:

The first step in building your home is the concrete foundation. We excavate the hole and pour concrete footings, according to your home plan. Next, we set up the wall, which includes verifying the re-rod in the foundation wall. Total time: 2 weeks

IMG_00886.) Framing:

The frame is your home’s “skeleton”. Wooden framing is an incredibly detailed process and in this process the sub-floor in laid, walls are constructed, trusses are set, roof is sheeted and shingled and all windows are hung. Total time: 6 weeks

7.) Plumbing & Electrical/Mechanical Rough-ins:

During this phase, all heating, air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing and electrical wiring is installed and inspected for safety. T.A. Scott is an Energy-Star certified builder. Total time: 3 weeks

8.) Roofing & Siding:

Wild-8During the roofing and siding process, we will finish the home’s exterior with shingles, siding and shake in the color and style you selected. We will ensure that your home is constructed “water tight” by using ice and water shields, window wraps and home wraps during the building process. Total time: 2 weeks

9.) Insulation & Drywall:

Blown insulation is installed, ensuring maximum heat retention. Gas meters and power hook-ups are then connected. The process of dry walling is done by hand, by mudding, taping and sanding. After it dries, the walls get a final touch-up and ceilings are stamped with texture. Total time: 3 weeks.

10.) Outside Details/Concrete:

This is where your home’s outer beauty will begin to match the inner beauty. We will grade yard and prepare it to be seeded or sodded, pour concrete driveway, porches and entryways. Stone masonry will be installed on the home, according to plan. We will also begin landscaping per the homeowner’s wishes. Total time: 5 weeks

11.) Flooring, Trim, Painting & Finish Details:

East_Shore-10This is where the fun really starts and your house starts to look like a home. First flooring – carpet, wood and tiling – will be laid in all rooms. Trim will be installed and all walls painted according to your color choices. All the items you’ve chosen – granite countertops, lighting fixtures, cabinets, hardware, plumbing fixtures and appliances – will be installed. Total time: 5 weeks

12.) Final Walk Through:

Our crew will clean the home thoroughly and install your appliances. Final home inspections will be performed. We will walk through the home with you and look over every single detail, big or small; to make sure your new home is perfect.

13.) Moving In:

Welcome home! After closing, you will be given keys to your new home, as well as company contacts and warranty information. Now all that’s left to do is start decorating!




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